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Sacred Heart Christmas Cards

Sacred Heart Primary in Penicuik made this fantastic selection of light-up Christmas Cards using our 5 Flashing Lights circuits.

Dornoch Bridge

Dornoch Primary School built a fantastic light-up model of their local bridge. They used our Magic Candles for cat's eyes and Five Flashing Lights on the side to guide boats.

Hospital Education Service, Glasgow

Tom Gallacher has found our kits very popular with the children at Yorkhill Hospital. Here is a photo of Phoebe who had never soldered before but took to it like a natural!

Mauricewood World Buildings

Mauricewood Primary School lit up all the major landmarks of the world using all three types of circuit kit.

Birthday Cake

Mark and Alex made this fantastic light-up birthday cake.

Peebles Masks

Peebles High School lit up these wonderful masks.

Newlands Dalek

Newlands Primary in the Scottish Borders build a light-up Dalek and used a Rampaging Chariot to make it move!

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Latest News

Lighting Up Sacred Heart

16th December 2022

All pupils from P5, P6 and P7 joined us for a lantern themed Lighting Up workshop at Sacred Heart Primary, Penicuik on 16th December.

Lighting Up Priorsford

9th December 2022

22 pupils from Priorsford Primary learned to solder at Peebles High School on 23rd September, ahead of a visit to the Kivlin Lab at Edinburgh University on 9th December where they made many more electronic creations.

Lighting Up Ae

25th November 2022

Congratulations to five determined members of staff who succeeded in achieving their LUtCfE soldering accreditation at Ae Primary school on November 25th.

Meanwhile all 15 pupils created a Galaxy of Christmas decorations all ready to be 'litup'.